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Charmaine Ball’s practice responds to structural elements encountered in the built environment. Architecture and materials – forms, angles, shadows – provide impetus for response. Spanning sculpture and painting, her work is characterised by an exploration of line, shape and colour. Formal geometric composition is paired with an organic approach that imbues a liveliness to abstract pieces.

Ball's acrylic paintings on canvas and board use methodical geometric planning to investigate pattern and intersections of colour. Referencing traditions of Constructivism and Hard Edged Painting, the flat application of sharply-defined sections of colour calls attention to the picture plane. The resulting works exist as a sensitive exploration of colour and tonal nuance.

Working with white stoneware clay, Ball’s sculptures examine the spatial configuration, weight and tactility of matter. Hand-built sculptures are bisque fired and left chalkily unglazed. Through the manipulation of material the works arrive at an interplay of weight and weightlessness; light and shadow; positive and negative space. Gesturing to the function of architectural form, the objects are also distinguished by a haunting quality.



City of Melville Art Awards, Wireless Hill

Perth Royal Art Prize for Landscape, Wilkinson Gallery

PCWK12, Nyisztor Studio

Street Gallery Project, Fremantle

Visual Conversations, Nyisztor Studio

Dark2Light, Editeur, Peppermint Grove

Sculpture and Sounds, NextDoor Art Venue

Sculpture at Bathers, Fremantle 


Solastalgia, Lost Eden Creative, Dwellingup

Modern Holiday Exhibition, Kamile Gallery, Claremont

Object Image, Earlywork, Fremantle 

We Are Nature, Kamile Gallery, Cathedral Square

City of Melville Art Awards, Wireless HIll


Wadjemup Museum Sculpture Exhibition, Rottnest Island

Patterning Habits, Lost Eden Creative, Dwellingup

Modern Holiday Exhibition, Kamile Gallery, Cathedral Square

Post, Gallery Central, NMTafe

City of Melville Art Awards

Between the Eye and the Heart, Lost Eden Creative, Dwellingup

Wide Open Road, Nyisztor Gallery

Sculpture at Bathers, Fremantle  


Now, Artsource Salon, Old Customs House

Interview, Nyisztor Gallery

Scene, Nyisztor Gallery

City of Melville Art Awards

Minnawarra Art Awards, Armadale 

Between Two Points, Nyisztor Gallery


Galvanise, Artsource Salon, Old Customs House

Gnullar Mia Art Auction, Nyisztor Gallery

PCWK 10, Nyisztor Gallery

City of Melville Art Awards

Double Brick, Heathcote Gallery

Bored Women, Smart Casual Gallery 


Scene, Nyisztor Gallery

Artitude Amplified, Telethon Speech and Hearing, Crown Hotel

Shine, Gallery Central, North Metropolitan TAFE

Clyde & Co Art Award Exhibition, Clyde & Co, Perth


Danger Hot Works, Grad Exhibition North Metropolitan TAFE

Auction, Gallery Central, North Metrolpolitan TAFE 



Ceramic Residency North Metropolitan TAFE



Shine Award, North Metroplitan TAFE


Winner Clyde & Co Art Award, Clyde & Co, Perth


Winner 3D Sculpture Award, City of Melville 


North Metropolitan TAFE

City of Melville 

Private Collections 

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